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The Grand Parkway – coming to Northwest Houston!!

Grand Parkway coming to Northwest Houston - going beside Exxon.Since moving here 15 years ago we have been hearing rumors of the Grand Parkway.  I recently went to a REALTOR® brunch where the guest speaker was David Gornet the Executive Director of the Grand Parkway Association.  1999 was when the study began for the Parkway but finally the rumors are over and the Grand Parkway is on its way. He said that by 2015 the Grand Parkway Association is projecting that the Grand Parkway will be finished from IH-59 (S) to IH-59 (N).  When finished it will be 185 miles encircling the greater Houston area and going through 7 different counties.

The other rumor that I had heard was that the Grand Parkway was being finished because of Exxon coming to the Spring area.  According to Mr. Gornet that is not the case; he said that Exxon is taking advantage of the placement of the Grand Parkway not the other way around.  The advantage for the Grand Parkway is that when it opens they will have immediate traffic because of Exxon on that segment.  He said typically they have to build up traffic but in this case the traffic will be there.

There are 4 different segments that will affect the Northwest area.

Section E is a proposed 15-mile segment that goes from IH-10 (W) to US 290 (Northwest Freeway through Harris County.  According to Mr. Gornet this segment is projected to be finished in December of 2013.

Segment F-1 is a proposed 12-mile segment that goes from US 290 (Northwest Freeway to SH 249 (Tomball Parkway) through Harris County.  Segment F-2 is a proposed 12-mile segment that goes from SH 249 (Tomball Parkway) to IH-45 N (North Freeway) through Harris County.  He said that Tomball is lobbying to try and get direct connectors.  I hope those negotiations go well as those connectors would make an easy transition on to SH 249 without having to stop at lights.  I’m not sure where all the exits will be but he mentioned Champion Forest, Kuykedahl and Gosling.  Looking at the map this segment appears to run north of Spring Stuebner.

Segment G is a proposed 13-mile segment that runs from IH 45(N) to US 59(N) through Harris and Montgomery Counties.  This segment will run along Riley Fuzzell and I’m assuming will connect with the Hardy toll road.

For more information you can visit the Grand Parkway website at www.grandpky.com.

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